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So people seem to think Moriarty’s dead.

Which I think is adorable.

Because what leads us to that conclusion?

Well, he put a gun in his mouth, there was a shot, and then he was lying there on the ground, lifeless, with blood pouring out the back of his head.

But then, what happened to Sherlock?

We saw him fall from an outrageously tall height and smash his head open on the sidewalk, and then we saw people touch him, John touch his motionless body with blood pouring out the side of his head.

In fact, we saw Sherlock dead more than we saw Jim. If anything, had I stopped watching directly after the fall, I would believe Sherlock was dead more than I would Jim.

And yet, there’s this nagging little thing in the back of my head…Oh yeah…

Sherlock is alive.

If Sherlock is alive, anything is possible, including Moriarty also being alive. How could you give up such a perfect antagonist? You don’t just give me the most brilliant, unbeatable villain, the absolute perfect match for the protagonist, a proper arch-nemesis, and then drop him before his story’s really even done.

And you really think that James Moriarty would kill himself for something so simple, so boring as killing Sherlock? I mean, I know the man is crazy, but it just doesn’t seem like him.

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