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johnsegbert-deactivated20140211 asked: For the OTP meme -- Draco Malfoy! (:

Haha, whenever I get these it’s always characters I don’t have a lot of ships for, so I have to make stuff up. XD

Same sex otp: Draco/Blaise
Opposite sex otp: Draco/Pansy
Most hated pairing: Drarry. >.<
Same sex unusual otp: ….Draco….Blaise…Really. I just made that up, so I’m pretty sure it’s unusual.
Opposite sex unusual otp: Draco/Ginny.
Crossover otp: Draco/Cordelia Chase 
Brotp/friendship otp: Draco/enormous piles of money.
Character headcanon: Draco’s father never laid a finger on his son. Never. Not once. All of the Malfoys, misguided as they were, truly loved each other and wanted to see each other happy.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

The fact that I’m not a huge Draco Malfoy person and don’t actually ship any of these particularly hard should not deter you from…er…stuff.

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